How to look up the address PEC (Certified Mail) all the Italian companies

Are you tired of sending the usual and recommended to pay extortionate prices for a simple communication? You have a PEC but can't ever find certified e-mail addresses destintari? Here's the PEC search service for you!

What ’ is the PEC?

The PEC (Certified Mail), is a secure electronic transmission system and regulated by law, to send documents and e-mail messages with the same legal value of a registered letter with return receipt. The PEC was created to make immediate and cheap all Exchange of information between players (private individuals, companies or Government agencies that are).
Anyone can enable a PEC with expenses rather derisory (starting from approximately 6 ’ euros per year) and start saving money for the recommended submission ’: l ’ sending every single PEC is equivalent to a registered letter, but it's completely free.

How to search for an address ’ PEC ’ l company?

Because the ’ send the PEC has legal value requires both the sender's email of the recipient are PEC.
The law requires that all businesses and professionals should have an address of PEC.
Strange as it may seem, however, many companies and professionals do not advertise their PEC address to prevent it being too “simple” contact them with unpleasant communications such as cancellation of subscriptions, formal complaints, etc...

Here then we can help the Ministry of economic development tool that allows you to search for find your ’ address the commercial professionals PEC.

It is “INI-PEC”: l ’ certified email address Index established by the Ministry of economic development achieved by InfoCamere in implementation of the Decree-Law of 18 October 2012, # 179.

To access the search of PEC, simply click on the ’ image below:
Search pec address

In the page of the Ministry of economic development initiatives address search PEC PEC You can choose whether to search Professionals or businesses, and then fill in the name (and the province) or more simply the field “Tax Code” ( or VAT number). Please fill correctly then the Captcha by typing the numbers or words you see in the image and press the “Search PEC Enterprise“.

INI-PEC PEC collects all addresses businesses and professionals present on the national territory and is designed for anyone who needs to get the address of PEC to a professional or a company wishing to contact.

To access the service there is ’ need no registration and the service is completely free.

L ’ index is regularly updated with data from the business register and membership orders and colleges, in the manner prescribed by law.