How to find people on Facebook using Graph Search? leadership

As we have seen in previous articles, Facebook Graph Search is a powerful search engine that will revolutionize Facebook, allowing us to search for people on Facebook, Friends, places, interests with extreme ease and rapidity. Want search single on Facebook? Want look for new friends or new acquaintances on Facebook they have the same interests or who live in your area? Here's how to do!The new tool for searching by Facebook Graph Search: it is a work not yet released to the 100% Facebook and officially not available in Italy, This article will explain how to turn on our Facebook Graph Search

Se volete cooper cos ' è esattamente Facebook Graph Search vi consigliamo di dare un'occhiata qui: Cos’è Facebook Graph Search? In which serve?

But let us see some examples to understand how does Facebook Graph Search.
As we have already said, Graph Search today is not yet available in Italian, therefore you will need to change the language to enable, as described here.

Facebook Graph Seach does not introduce new graphics compared to the normal graphical Facebook, therefore it is not even easy to understand that it is active.

Examples of Using the Facebook Graph Search:

Want to know what are your favorite movies from your friends? Simply type “My friends’ favorite movies” and Facebook will suggest other similar research in addition to the one you typed:
ricerca film graph search


're planning a trip to Rome, and you want to search your Facebook friends in Rome? Before Facebook Graph Search research would have been impossible.
Let's see how everything is easier with Graph Search: research in natural language English could be: “friends living in rome“.
Digitiamolo in the new search box empowered to Graph Search and see what happens:
Facebook automatically interprets the phrase and repeats it in his own language set: “My friends who live in Rome, Italy ” and simultaneously offers us the list of friends who live in Rome.

But if we want more? For example I would like to know which friends live in Rome.
In inglese: “friends living in rome”. Facebook understands and turns it into: “My female friends who live in Rome, Italy” giving back to our list of friends Roman.

Facciamo una ricerca più complessa: let a girl on Facebook
I would like to Roman girls look under the 25 years that I might know (that means you have Facebook friends in common) a Roma: we type the phrase in English, any form can go, eg “girls I may know living in rome under 25 years old”
Facebook gives us his interpretation of the question, which though not too “clear” is perfectly correct:
“Friends of my friends who are women and be not my friends and are younger than 25 and live in Rome, Italy ” which literally translated means: “A friend of my friends, woman, not my friend, younger than 25 years, who lives in Rome,Italy”

Name of male!

Once the application, and shows the results, if you click again on the search bar Graph Search, Facebook will suggest a number of similar questions related (useful in case you badly expressed or Facebook misinterpreted research):

How to search for singles on Facebook, Girls, boys, new friends!

When research involves people as results (and not for example the places), will open on the right side a new box that will allow you to better define the criteria of your search on Facebook:
Pressing the link “SEE MORE” you can get many other criteria to further filter your search, a kind of advanced search that turns into a sort of Facebook dating site:

If volessimo facebook look for in a single girl in my town, under 30 years but not my friend?

And’ Just write the English search, eg “single female under 25 years old who live in Bologna and not in my friends
Facebook correctly interprets and translates into “Single women I am not friends with who are younger than 30 and live in Bologna, Italy

Similarly can look for photos of friends on Facebook, acquaintances or strangers who are some of your interests. And’ so simple that it does not even matter to the examples, not?