How to turn off notifications and status updates of Spotify on Facebook [tutorial]

Are you tired of seeing on your personal Facebook page posts of Spotify that make public all the songs you hear? Let's see how stop the post of Spotify on Facebook!Spotify is a great music service that provides on-demand streaming of a selection of songs from various record companies and independent record labels. The service is available free of charge from computer (by downloading the free software Spotify), and provides a monthly subscription for mobile use.
To advertise quickly, Spotify using your Facebook account, Public and independently on your wall the titles of songs you are listening.
These posts are visible to your friends, which soon will get tired of having their own timeline full of notifications of Spotify and probably will block!

How to turn off the post, updates and notifications of Spotify?

There are several methods to disable the post of Spotify on Facebook:

  • suspend temporarily the post of Spotify on Facebook:
    from Spotify software for computer, Click in the upper right on your name, and choose “Private Session”. The box with your name will be associated with an icon that reminds you that you are not publishing (finally!) states in which it was announced that music you play. It is a temporary solution, that automatically resets after a few hours or closing and restarting Spotify
  • permanently discontinue the post of Spotify on Facebook (advised):
    always from Spotify software click on the menu “Edit” / “Preferences”, in the first section “Activity Sharing” uncheck “Share my business and what I'm listening with my followers on Spotify”. This will open a window like the one shown below, where you have to make your choice.pubblicare_spotify

An alternative method, but more brutal consists in remove permissions from Facebook application Spotify.
The easiest way is to enter the page of your profile and click (in the area of ​​the cover image) on the button “Activity Log”. Find one of the post of Spotify and click on the pencil icon on the right. Choose to remove permissions to Spotify and possibly also to clean up the post of Spotify on your bulletin board.
In this way, however, if your access to Spotify is based on the Facebook login, your login credentials will no longer be recognized on Spotify, and you will have to re-authorize the app to Facebook or login with your email address and password associated with your Spotify account.