How does the new Facebook privacy: Who can see my things?

In the last two weeks Facebook has revamped privacy management. Let's see together How does the new privacy on Facebook that allows us to, much more rapidly than before, to import who can see my stuff on Facebook.

Perhaps not all of us have made the case, but by logging into your Facebook account, recently appeared this Facebook message, high, which invites you to test the new privacy management.

Nuova privacy Facebook

How does the new Facebook privacy? What are the innovations introduced?

New function for block users in facebook:

privacy_block The new feature allows us to quickly block friends or Facebook users which disturb us, or we do not want to give access to our profile or ability to contact us.

And’ really simple to use: just enter the name or the email address of Facebook that we want to block.
And’ also a link that allows you to view and manage the list of all Facebook users who have locked.

New Feature: Who can see my things?


3 are the main functions:

  • Who can see my future posts to Facebook? This is the same setting available in the exact location where publishing your content: changing it here, will be updated there too.
    Allows you to define the default who can see the posts and photos that henceforth be publishing.
  • Where can I check all my posts on Facebook and elements that are tagged? For this type of control is sufficient to use the activity log can be viewed by clicking on the link.
  • What others see in my diary Facebook? This function (also present in the previous version of privacy, but more difficult to find) allows us to see what he sees a specific user profile relatively to our.


Who can contact me on Facebook?




Were grouped into a single section contact privacy settings:

  • how to filter incoming messages Facebook (for those who receive a lot of messages on Facebook, These settings allow you to show the most important messages first.


  • choose who can send friend requests


Further down there is also a link to show all the most advanced privacy settings, including:

  • Who can find me?
  • Who can find you in Facebook using the e-mail address or phone number that you provide?
  • You want me to other search engines make reference to your diary?
  • Limit past posts

This function allows us to, using the new filters Activity Log, passed to filter the content based on the dates when you have them published and who can see them or when you're tagged: once found the post “embarrassing” you can choose to remove them permanently.

For example, by properly setting the filters of the new activity log may permanently delete from your Facebook timeline throughout your university life awkward :)