How does Twitter, the bird sociable

How does Twitter?
is a tool for online social networking and microblogging where users posting (publican) updates of max 140 character of what is happening in their lives with the links to the things you find interesting, fun or useful for their follower ("Follower" indicates roughly what "friendship" means on Facebook).
Then, how does Twitter? People use Twitter in many ways, some as a Newsfeed (Wallet news) following important people or networks, who as a pseudo-chatroom limiting their followers and following only friends and family, and some as a microblog to update individuals on their work, about what they are doing and about their personal lives.

Twitter users can choose those who follow and those who do not follow. They have total control of the news they receive on their homepage. When I refer to your "Homepage", I am referring to the flow of Tweet you see when you log in to Twitter, that contains your tweets, those of your followers and the Retweet of your friends;

This is different from your personal Twitter page (/nomeutente, which instead contains all your tweets and your responses to other users.

You can have an unlimited number of followers, but follow only a select few people desired, making it easier to stay in touch with the people you care about.

In the “Home”, that is, the initial screen, on your left you can find your stats(following and follower), advice on who to follow and the trends of the moment, while at the right line you can find all Tweets from people you follow and your.


When you make a Tweet, appears in the Home of all the people who follow you,and when someone replies to you if you follow it you will also appear in your dashboard, otherwise find it only in the flow of your citations.

When you reply to someone, since the beginning of the tweet is inserted automatically(or even manually) his user name(@nomeutente), your answer does not appear on the bulletin board of your followers, so if you want to limit the visibility to interested(will see even friends in common) of a tweet you put the name or names of the persons concerned to the top, because if you put them in the mid-tweet all followers of those certain people will be able to see.

Twitter has added a function "response" (reply) new, that allows you to see a string of conversation. There's a difference between "respond" to a tweet and simply start a tweet with the user name of the person to whom we turn. The first will keep the conversation integrates, the latter is not. The tweets look identical, except for the fact that one shows that it is a tweet "in response to" another and the other not. On, symbol indicating that a tweet is part of a conversation is the comic in the upper right.

if someone visits our personal pages of twitter can see everything we're writing, but few people are likely to follow. In this way, every tweet that we write is not to 100% private, even if we turn to another user. The only way to make sure that a conversation is private to 100% is to use direct messages.


Direct messages are private tweets (not visible to others) that is exchanged between two users you follow. You can not send a direct message to someone who is not following you and vice versa. Direct messages are the only way to converse in a private manner on twitter. The "DM" are essentially as an email with a limit of 140 characters for message. Are not using any research on twitter.


The term "ritwittare"O"RT"Is used when you want to raise a tweet from someone else. You can do this in several ways. Tweet on is very easy thanks to the built-in functionality for the retweet. The native retweet functionality is also present in many mobile and desktop applications, and is generally the best way to do it.
The last tweet above shows a native retweet, where you can see a small green icon in the upper left and the indication of user name that has retweeted, in this case mybrother.

Another of the most common ways to make a RT is to copy the full tweet, including the user name of the person and put "RT", before it. Your followers will understand that everything that comes after it has been said by this user.
Yet another way to retweet is to quote the user typing "via @ username" at the end of the tweet copied. Just be sure not to replace the original author of the tweet with the past that have retweeted.


The hashtag are a way of tagging your tweets so that other users can see the tweets on the same topic. The Hashtag do not contain spaces or punctuation marks and start with a "#" symbol (pound). Often at events like conferences or concerts, organizers say participants to add a particular hashtag in their tweets to seek views on the event and dialogue between people who attend the event. This allows you to go to Twitter Search, look for the hashtag and follow all the comments that include. Then, in real time, You can follow the comments and respond to them, the creation of a conversation on a given topic.

The Twitter users create trending topic (topics much discussed) using the hashtags. For example, a user could create a hashtag as a fun way to start a conversation. Finally, hashtags are used for color representation or jokes on Twitter. Some Twitter users use hashtags to get long sentences as a comic effect.

This page is not a complete guide for Twitter always releases new small improvements to make their service more useful and user-friendly, but should clarify the most basic concepts. You can visit Read more.