How does Vine? amazing video 6 seconds!

Vine is a free app for iPhone, ipad and for Android, distributed by Twitter that allows you to turn short but great videos lasting just 6 seconds from posting on the popular social network Twitter.
Vine is not an idea of ​​Twitter: was designed and created by a startup (Vine) which was acquired by Twitter.

Think about that today, According to a survey of Topsy Analytics, videos uploaded by Vine I have passed the photos published with Instagram, the app to load square images with special filters. Certainly this overtaking will be due to the introduction of the filters of Instagram on Facebook.. that move has certainly disincentivato users using Instagram to edit photos, being able to get virtually the same results using the iOS or Android app to Facebook.

How does Vine?

First we must sload the app from the App Store or Google Play Market, Vine is a free app.
Once you have registered (also using your Twitter account the same) you can create lasting video micro- 6 seconds and upload Vine, and possibly also sharing them automatically on Twitter and Facebook.

Pre record a video just click on the icon “camera” at the top.
To register your mini video, will be sufficient to hold your finger on the screen. Remove your finger from the screen will stop shooting. Then you can repeat the same process several times, maybe changing the point of view and playing with your creativity.

With Vine can also create beautiful stopmotion that is, the video consisting of a series of Microvideo (or frames) one after the other.

Vine allows you to save the created video Also in the gallery of your smartphone.


vine_iphone Vine is also social

An icon in the upper left (the little house) will allow you to access a menu from which you can search and view videos made by other users, see their business and change the settings of your profile.
Vine supports the # hashtag to organize videos by topic. There are preconfigured within #hashtag section "Windows Explorer".
The "activity", finally, show movies made and what we have done with your account.

To understand what you can do with Vine here is a series of videos made by experienced users.

Click on the video to make it start!

Free download Vine:

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Version: 6.0.2

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