How to avoid being tagged on Facebook

We are often asked how prevent friends taggarci in photographs, and places in posts on Facebook. To new management of the Facebook privacy is even simpler check tags, let's see how!

Are you tired of be tagged without notice from your friends on Facebook in photo of questionable taste or Posts which then automatically appear on your bulletin board?

In order not to tag in Facebook by friends and acquaintances, There is a special section in the new Facebook privacy that allows us to require our approval when someone Tag it.

Who can see a post or a photo when I get tagged? Remember: when you've been tagged, your friends might see the post in their bulletin board even if they are not friends of the person who created the post or photo!

avoid the tags

And’ simply enter the section Privacy (Updated recently, see our article “new management of the Facebook privacy“) by clicking on the small padlock in the top right corner in the blue section next to our name as shown in Figure, and choose “see the other settings”.

This will open a page with detailed settings related to privacy.
From the left menu select “Diary and tagging“.
Which, in the section “How do I handle tags added by people and suggestions of tags?”

Here you will find three options:
“Want to check tags added by people to your posts before they are visible on Facebook?”
This option allows you to prevent the tags posted by friends immediately become public. If someone Tag it you will have to approve, in the activity log these HTML tags, and only then will become public!

When someone Tag it in a post, you can add recipients if they are not already included in the public?
When someone Tag it in a post, You and your friends can see the post, even if your friends were not included in the original audience. For example, if Mary shares a photo with his friends and Tag it you in the picture, his friends, you and all your friends can see it, even if your friends are not friends of Mary.
If you want to exclude some of your friends, You can change this setting. Remember: This setting does not apply if your friends are already included in the public, for example, when a photo is shared using the Public setting.

Who sees the suggestions of the tag when you upload photos that you resemble?
Facebook is able to suggest the tags in photos when, by the face detection function, a registered person fails to inviduare on Facebook.
This feature is not yet available for all.

Simple… not ? :)