How to select and invite all your Facebook friends automatically

Do you want to advertise a page, asking all your friends to put a "like" or invite all your friends to an event without having to select them one at a time?We suggest a simple-to-use method automatically select all your friends to invite them to a page or an event. There will then need to select them one by one.

The method that we describe in detail only works with Google Chrome, if you want something similar for Firefox you can scroll down to article!

We have chosen to present the method for running Google Chrome for two basic reasons:

1) Google stands among the best browser available

2) the addon to use turns out to be always very up to date.

In fact there are many other methods “empirical” to invite all your Facebook friends automatically put “I like” pages or to participate in an event.. but Facebook developers do not particularly like these “tricks”, vary widely and often the code to put these tricks out of use.

The addon for Chrome that we present instead, always turns out to be very up to date, and then working.

Requirements: Google Chrome

How to install the addon:

  • from chrome go to this site (is the official page of the Chrome Web Store):
  • HTTPS://
  • write in the search bar ” Facebook Friend will invite ” and press enter.
  • press the button on the right “Extensions”
  • There appear “Facebook Friend will invite” as an extension to install, press the button ” + ADD”
  • This will install the extension invite all your friends to patinas and events automatically, creating a new icon in the browser, next to the address bar:




How to use Facebook friend will invite for automatically invite all your Facebook friends to put “I like” on a page or to attend an event:

  • Go to the page you want to advertise or in the event that invite all your friends
  • high, for pages, click on the button “expand the public” – “invite your friends to ...”
  • will open a popup with a list of your friends, selected from the pull-down “Browse all friends”:
  • wait for it to load completely your buddy list, and slide the bar to the right until the bottom of the page, to make sure that you have loaded all:
  • At this point click on the icon of Chrome created during the installation of our Addon:
  • Wait a few moments (depends on how many friends you have) to the message that will confirm that all of your friends have been selected:
  • Now you just need to press the button “SEND!”

All your friends will receive your invitation!

Eye of course.. not to abuse this function!


If you instead fanatics Firefox, you can download “Facebook All Selec” that functions in a similar clicking on this link: HTTPS:// = ss