How to save passwords, secret codes, confidential information for FREE!

Do you have a secret place where you save your password, secret codes, confidential information? Save your ATM PIN in the telephone book under the heading of an unlikely Aunt? Are you sure that the place where you saved the password is truly secure? If you lose your phone where you have saved the password.. sapreste eat recuperarle? Here is a beautiful software gratis to download or use online that allows you to save the password, the secret codes and many other confidential information!
Of software to save passwords on the market there are many, more or less safe, whether paid or unpaid.
Tell us a little thought.. are you really sure that the password you've written on the slip of paper that you keep in your wallet or you have scanned and put on the USB stick that you have already risked losing a thousand times.. are in the right place ?

Today we present a service free offered by none other than Norton by Symantec that allows you to save your password so that they are available on any device and with your guarantee of a strong safety!
Norton identity safe

The most interesting feature of the service by Symantec Norton Identity Safe is to save your data in the cloud (network to speak) and then make them available wherever you are.
But who can have access to this information? Norton can steal passwords?

The real novelty of this service is that your passwords are closed in two “Security boxes”: the first is the service access credential Identity Safe. Once done the ’ access, in order to read your password serves a credential (a Word, a pin, what you want to ...) you know only you, nor is it saved on server Symantec.

norton identity safe salva passwordYou can access the saved credentials on Norton Identity Safe in different ways, wherever you are through:

The app is currently in English, but will soon be translated into Italian, seen the growth that is having this software to save your passwords securely.


Norton Identity Safe is available on Apple devices only from Stores in English. It will be available soon on the Italian store, but anyway if you want to download the app without problems, you can follow this guide to download it directly to our American dal'App Store: Download App iPhone and iPad from the App Store U.S. [leadership]

Norton Identity Safe-Secure password manager Symantec Category: Utilities, Productivity
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 4.6.108

Norton Identity Safe for Android devices:

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