How do I know who has visited my Facebook profile: scam!

Certainly we all have had the curiosity to know who visited our Facebook profile. Some users are also data to make searching on the net for solutions Anyone who has visited your Facebook profile and we were contacted to see if these solutions are secure and working, and some of them have found unpleasant surprises. See them together!

Who visited my Facebook profile?

Some users who have tried solutions network “DIY” to know who visited your Facebook profile has been badly scalded: many of these solutions (ranging from extra Chrome bars, Firefox or Internet Explorer, Special sites, plugin, or even real applications are actually scams.

These softwares, sites or add-ons are hiding behind the false illusion to reveal who visited our Facebook profile, but in reality, well that goes, all they do is disclose your public data to advertising veicolarvi.Facebook-laundry

Other applications, one of them is called “Who visited my profile on Facebook“, have far more devastating effects:

  • capture your Facebook credentials to attempt identity theft
  • Installing viruses on your mobile phone or on your computer
  • you subscribe to subscription charges expensive mobile phone.

Well, know that to date there is no method to find out who visits your Facebook profile!

Facebook has also issued an official statement: “Facebook does not provide applications or groups that allow users to see who has visited their profiles or statistics on the frequency with which a particular content has been viewed and by whom“.

If you already have fallen into this trap and you have e.g. installed a ’ application to know who visits your Facebook profile and your friends receiving strange requests from you? Log into Facebook and click on arrow located at the bottom of the blue bar in the upper right corner and select Settings.
Click now on “Applications ” and select the option View all to view the complete list of app on your profile.

If you find some strange, remove it immediately by clicking the "x" located to the right of the name of the application ’!

C ’ is only one thing that can satisfy, at least partially, your curiosity: You can indeed verify what are your follower on Facebook (people who have decided to follow your status updates and your posts public without having asked the ’ friendship): is simple, to simply enter the page on your Facebook profile and click (next to “followed by”) on the item “NN people”.