tutorial: how to unlock iphone 4, 4And S 5. Released the new Jailbreak!

In many expected it, and finally came out the jailbreak per unlock iPhone 4, 4And S 5 with firmware iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and of course iOS 6.1. Let's see together What is the jailbreak and how to make the release of our iPhone.

Jailbreak iOS 7

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Cos'è il Jailbreak?

The iPhone, is a device equipped with a very powerful operating system, able to perform many other operations that Apple chose not to include or to restrict the user. Through jailbreak or more commonly “unlock”, You can not change the original firmware of the iPhone, eliminating all restrictions from and allowing access to the file system. This will allow us to install applications and tools not issued and authorized by Apple to change graphics as well as the native functions of our phone.

After much anticipation today was released the jailbreak, which allows to precisely unlock iPhone devices iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and of course the version released these days: ios 6.1
To run the jailbreak you need to download a tool from the site http://evasi0n.com/


Caution, the tool has been updated! See our article “you upgrade to iOS 6.1.1: updated the tool to unlock the iPhone!

The tool is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

At these times the server may have difficulty withstanding the thousands of download requests, therefore always in the site evas1on.com were made available to the alternative link.

It is a unlock real, without any consequence on the use of telephone. A unthethered jailbreak . (Previous versions-Tethered- allowed to unlock the phone, but it was necessary to connect the phone to a PC on every reboot to use it again).

jailbreak iphoneThe process of iPhone Unlock takes no more than 5 minutes.

On the official website also lists the precautions and requirements to be adopted before the jailbreak:

  • the device iPhone, iPad or iPod to unlock must have the firmware iOS 6.0 the 6.1 (you can check the firmware version on the settings / General / Info).
  • If you have not yet updated your device, do it.
  • You will need to attach your iPhone to PC, therefore you must have the USB connection cable (the same as that used to charge your device.
  • Fate a backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud: in this way if there are any problems during the jailbreak you can always go back.
  • Disable any security code (block) from your device
  • As you run the jailbreak do not do other things with your PC.
  • If something goes wrong during the jailbrea, do not worry, reboot the device and the PC and try again.

Here we leave you the links to download the new firmware 6.1 directly from Apple: in this way you can update the device much more’ quickly: will first need to download the firmware from this link. Once the download is complete you can update your device from iTunes using the file that you downloaded instead of having to download real-time from Apple.

To update your device using a downloaded firmware from your PC, You must press the button “Refresh” iTunes while holding down the “shift – uppercase” on the keyboard.

Guide to Unlock – jailbreak iPhone:

Once you download the tool evasi0n.com

  • run the tool
  • if your device is set a lock code, you will be asked to remove it: you will have to disconnect the cable from the iphone, remove and reconnect the code.jailbreak_code
  • at this point the procedure is automatic, Just follow the simple instructions of the tool
  • After a few minutes we will be asked to unlock the phone: we make the usual “slide to unlock” and we will find a new icon in the Home "Jailbreak", Press it once and wait for the completion of the Jailbreak. Even if you get the impression that nothing happens, do not press the icon again, but wait!
  • After jailbreak, probably by opening Cydia will have many errors, repo not updated, and connection problems. Do not worry: many people are running the server and the jailbreak Cydia repository and variations will be clogged.


The jailbreak is done with the tool evasi0n reversible?

It, is absolutely reversible, will be sufficient to perform a reset of the phone from iTunes.

For those who want a detailed guide about unlocking, remember that it is still very simple and guided, You can consult’great site iSpazio.net guides section . The guide will be available soon iSpazio.


Installous does not work anymore, what alternatives are there?

For several weeks now no longer works, l'alternative è vshare. For more information see our article: Installous iPhone no longer works: l'alternative è vshare, also in Italian. How to...: online tutorial