How to find out who you erase or delete your Facebook profile

Have you asked a few times if someone has deleted you from facebook friends? Do not you see multiple posts on Facebook by a friend of yours and you are asked if you have deleted from friends or if you have deleted your Facebook account? There are several ways to be notified when you delete a friend from your friends, There freezes or even more simply if you delete your profile, let's see them together!There are really many ways to be notified via Facebook or via email when something happens between your Facebook friends who will not let you follow them or having them among friends.

How to find out who has deleted you from Facebook via Chrome

There are several apps that allow you to receive notifications when someone deletes you from their friends, such as UnfriendAlert, an extension of Google Chrome really performing. The found clicking here.

How to find out who has deleted you from Facebook via iPhone and Android app

There are many iPhone and Android applications which allow you to receive notifications when one of your friends will delete from Facebook or blocks / delete your profile: many of these are extra, Free banner advertising or if you have very invasive.

To Android: Friends Checker for Facebook the Who Unfriended me on Facebook
To iPhone: People who deleted me ( the payment)


How to find out who has deleted you from Facebook via email notification

The most effective service that notifies you in real time instead of email Who you delete friends, without installing anything in your pc or mobile phone is reached clicking here.
You'll have to obviously give the site a chance to read your list of Facebook friends. It is a very simple operation that, once completed, will give you a chance to see very detailed statistics about your Facebook friends and especially receive an email alert when someone deletes from Facebook friends!