How to Find Friends on Facebook

If you have just enrolled in Facebook, or just use it and the friends list is poor? Here is a small guide on how to find friends on Facebook. Facebook provides you with several tools to search for new knowledge via e-mail, the city where you live or have lived, work or school you attended or your friends on other social network. If you know name and surname, e-mail the telephone number people who want to add to your friends, the search bar on top allows you to do:

Barra di ricerca amici su Facebook

if you have the e-mail address or phone number, you can not miss: find the person you're looking for individually provided that it is registered with the e-mail, while if you have the name and the surname may find more people with that name (we are not always unique in the world)and it's up to you via the profile and photos of friends in common and understand the person you are looking to add.

To add friends from your contacts e-mail or other social networks, add a il Find Friends, which you can access from this link, through three simple steps allows you to find your contacts on Facebook.

Trova amici su facebook

If you do not know these precise data, you can track people or friends from the data in common with you; on the right sidebar dell'homepage Facebook, where there are “People you may know”(below), show all clicking opens a page where people than to suggest according to your friends on facebook, There are filters on the left, that will show automatically selecting all the people who have that particular thing in common with you, and acknowledge when someone sends the friend request.

Barra persone che potresti conoscere


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