tutorial: Come share Facebook Home

Facebook Home, the innovative application of Facebook for some is not entirely intuitive. We see with a leadership: come share Facebook Home to assess if it is really what he does for us!

As we have described in this article: tutorial: how to install Facebook Home on ALL Android devices it is now possible Facebook Home install on any Android device. Some users have found the new Facebook interface a little Home’ tricky and not usable, much to uninstall it after a few minutes preferndo the original version of their Android device.

See together in a sort of soon guida with some suggestions for Home use Facebook!

Meanwhile, it is better to clarify (even if it seems trivial) that the screen you see with images in slider becomes the new home of your Android device completely revolutionizing your tablet or smartphone. These are the posts made by your friends, that will continue to slide in the background.

The photos and posts that usually see in the news now with Facebook Facebook Home will appear on the home of your device. And’ can switch from one element to another by swiping your finger and dwell on the post. Tapping twice in a row a photo or a state put a “I like”. Once this is done, you will see the icon for the thumb pointing upwards.

The image you see may or scroll the picture posted by one of your friends, or if your friend has published a state without attach the photo you will see its cover image.

Using your profile picture (shown below, the center of Facebook Home):


Hold your finger on your profile picture at the bottom to cover news in your Facebook Home. You will see three icons.

Application panel: drag your profile picture on the icon with the squares in high and releases.

Messenger: drag the icon on your profile picture left and releases.

Direct access to the last application used: drag the image of the profile icon in the shape of arrow to the right and release to access the last application you used.


facebook_home_esempioNews and notifications appear on the Home screen

First, it is necessary to point out that the post you receive on your wall, or personal messages received will come directly to the home (then attention to privacy!)

Tapping twice in a row notification you'll see the news or message.

To close notification drag it to denstra.

To hide all the news at the same time drag down the notifications.

To close more notifications news from the screen cover, hold your finger on a notification until they are all grouped, then drag the group towards the side of the screen. Continue to get new notifications on the screen of the news of the cover.



Notifications for new messages and conversations: preview chat

The preview chat allow you to read and respond quickly to messages while using other applications. To reply, you just tap the circle icon of your friend. Then, using the finger, You can move the preview of the chat on the screen and drag them to the bottom of the screen to close them when you are finished to chat.
If you use Facebook Messenger Home and the application is open, You will also receive the notifications for SMS the form of a preview of the chat.
If you want to hide the thumbnails of the chat in Facebook Home when a new message arrives (to protect your privacy):

  1. Tap the menu button of the phone
  2. Touch Settings Home > Settings Messenger > Notifications
  3. Uncheck Preview chat



How to publish something on Facebook from Facebook Home?

Open the application panel and tap the pencil icon appears in the upper left . From here you can add a friend, your location or a photo and change the public using the appropriate selection tool before touching Public.


How to take a photo or a video and post it on Facebook Home?
  1. From the news cover, press and drag your profile picture at the top to open the application panel
  2. Tap the camera high, then again at the bottom left
  3. Tap the camera icon to take a photo or the camera to record a video
  4. At the end of the operation, touches , then tap each photo you want to publish >
  5. Touch Public in the upper right

Panel Applications



Where are all my applications?

How to access applications on the Home screen of Facebook?

Hold your finger on your profile picture at the bottom of the cover to the news. You will see three icons. Drag the image of the profile icon of the application panel displayed at the top and release your finger.

How to manage the panels of the applications

And’ simple enough, although a little’ difficult and not just aesthetically beautiful in our opinion. As we have seen, Keeping a finger on your profile picture at the bottom to cover news and dragging its icon over the application panel displayed at the top and releasing the finger you will have access to the application panel.

Are proposed application icons divided into panels (copying the panels that you had already created in your device). The panels will appear rather skinny as Facebook Home does not support widgets! You can scroll from one panel to another just like you did before. Continuing to scroll to the left also arrive to a panel in which are present all your applications. From the panel “All Applications”, also have access to your original screens (those native to the phone, with a lot of widgets) click the last icon “More”

How do I show the original panels with Android Widgets?

From the panel “All Applications” (as we said above is the first panel to the left of the applications) , also have access to your original screens (those native to the phone, with a lot of widgets) click the last icon “More”

How do I move an application in the applications pane Facebook Home?

  1. Hold your finger on your profile picture at the bottom of the cover to the news. Drag your profile picture in the application panel
  2. Swipe to the right to see the complete list of applications on your phone
  3. Hold your finger on an application and drag it to the right corner of the screen to return it to the application panel
  4. Drag the application where you want to, so you can access them quickly

You can also hold your finger on an application and drag it to change its position in the application panel.

Source: facebook.com