How to use Telegram from PC, Mac or in the Web

Telegram, the new service free instant messaging can also be used by the browser via the web or from your PC or Mac.
Let's see together how to use Telegram from your computer!

As we have already seen this in our article “Is it better Whatsapp or Telegram ?” one of the new Telegram that distinguish it from WhatsApp is the possibility of texting our friends for free as a PC or Mac.
And’ In fact, we can use the free chat of Telegram even when you can not or do not want to use the phone:

Telegram install on your computer (PC) (Download Telegram) :

telegramDownload Setup edi Telegram Desktop Client from this address download The Telegram: for the Windows version and for version OSx

Install the client Telegram in your PC, and enter your cell phone number.

The first time you use it you will be sent a confirmation SMS that you put in the main screen of the program in order to verify your identity.
The software is really very simple and requires no further explanation.

Recall that it is a client “unofficial”of Telegram: as we saw in our article “Is it better Whatsapp or Telegram ?” Telegram is an Open Source software (the source code is public) and thus allows programmers to create new software-related messaging system Telegram.
Telegram for windows

telegram on windows pc


Use Telegram via web

And’ You can use Telegram via web, without the need to install any software.
The site is really well done and can use virtually identical to that of the installed application for Windows or OSx.

The usage is really very simple: go to the site and enter your mobile phone number including country code (eg +39328123456)

In this case you will be sent a text message with a confirmation code to be entered on the login page.

The game is done!

You will see that even the'Use of Web-Telegram is definitely very convenient!


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