With Gmail, you can send attachments up to 10 Giga!

Interesting novelty presented by Google in recent days. The Mountain View company has in fact offered a new feature to users of its email service, Gmail allows you to send, an attachment in an email, huge file sizes: up to 10 Giga. Let's see how it can be done..Google has recently integrated the online storage service Google Drive the most popular e-mail service Gmail: the result is amazing. Gmail users (who have obviously an account for Google Drive), be able to send file attachments to e-mails by taking them directly from your Google Account Drive.

This will allow you to send large files: the only constraint is the space you have available on Google Drive: for free accounts, the maximum size is 5 GB while for paid accounts get up to 10 Giga.

And’ plus a convenient feature because it avoids the effort to re-upload the file to attach it to an email. The file can be selected from those on your Google Drive space, and therefore requires no upload. This allows you to send it in ovvimente very quickly!

As you proceed? And’ simple:

  1. compose a new email
  2. down, next to the button used to send the email through the symbol “+” shown in Figuregoogle Drive mail attach allegato 1
  3. Click on the symbol to Google Drive and select the file you want to send
    google Drive mail attach allegato 2

The news was made a few days ago, therefore it is possible that your Gmail inbox has not yet been updated: within a few days all accounts will be updated and will enjoy this new feature!