Cos’è Facebook Graph Search? In which serve?

Facebook Graph Search is a powerful search engine integrated in Facebook that allows us to discover many things about people, about places and pages. It is a gap that many users complained on Facebook: the ability to perform searches based on sex, interests, residence, etc...Of course, before you start you have to make sure you have activated Facebook Graph Search. Since this is a work not yet released to the 100% and officially not available in Italy, This article will explain how to turn on our Facebook Graph Search.

Cos’è Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search is a semantic search engine which was introduced by Facebook in March 2013.
It is designed to provide answers to user queries in the form of natural language, rather than as a list of links.
The function Graph Search combines data collected from users of Facebook (more than a billion) and external data in a single search engine that provides user-specific search results. In a presentation led by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it was announced that the algorithm finds the Facebook Graph Search inside information from a network of users friends.

In what sense is a semantic search engine?

The semantics is that part of linguistics that studies the meaning of words (lexical semantics), sets of individual letters (and in the ancient alphabets) and sentences (phrasal semantics) and texts.
Facebook Graph Search does just that: accept applications written in a natural language, le interpretation (or at least try to do it) to return results as precise as possible to the user.

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A beautiful infographic provides some additional detail:



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