Whatsapp Status: the new update

Whatsapp, the evolution of Facebook and Instagram (even whatsapp is owned by facebook from 2014) it becomes increasingly “social” and introduces new interactive media. After the recent news related to whatsapp camera, from tomorrow new update for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone new features will be introduced, that allow you to submit the status updates include multimedia content (photo,videos etc.) to your friends, who to autoelimineranno after 24 hours as is currently the case for the Snapchat stories.

Recent changes to the camera allow you to send photos, videos and GIF that can be changed with emoticons, stickers and drawings, to make more and more customizable our media. As regards the new features, We speak mainly of the new Condition, that allows us to share our moments with our friends, individually or in groups whatsapp.

What is the new Whatsapp Status? These States, they are none other than the famous Pocket histories on the lines of Snapchat, Instagram and now Facebook, will make it increasingly easy to share our lives with your contacts, experiences and all that nowadays you share online on social. You can use photos, short videos or Gifs, to try to speak at its best and cultivate our followers.

In our opinion, Mark Zuckerberg, in response to the statistics they see its main social Facebook down among boys in lower age groups and an increase on the part of the users of the platform Snapchat, decided to move closer to new requests of the youngest, closer and closer the characteristics of social networks managed by him to the new demands of the web, and this led him to introduce on Facebook recently and now stories the new Member on whatsapp. We just have to wait and see if successful this new feature or if users will continue to prefer Snapchat.