Facebook launches Riff, the new way to share video. It will be a smash?

If you are expecting yet another app to create video-collage you astray! Riff is something different. A video collage much more social, and that could depopulate just before summer!More than Video-collage might call Riff as an app for video-collaboration.

What Riff?

Riff is a free app developed by very simple Facebook no frills (at least for now): allows you to shoot a video of 20 seconds maximum, assign a topic (a sort of #hashtag) and to publish it.
Your friends after watching your video shot with Riff, will, instead of the usual comments, Appending to your video a sort of video response which will be integrated in your own video.

For now nothing special effects, streaming broadcasts, effects or anything like that: but the app is still in its infancy, if you were to take the right turn will certainly implemented with new features.

The Product Manager at Facebook Riff said: “The potential pool of creative collaborators can grow exponentially from there, so a short video can become an inventive project between circles of friends you can share to Facebook or anywhere on the Internet.”

In sintesi Josh Mille pensa che il pubblico di Riff possa crescere in modo esponenziale: a video can turn into a project that starts from a circle of friends and then expanded to the whole world!


How does Riff?

Here's an example of what it looks like Riff:

facebook-rif-animatedBut exactly how Riff?

  • The only way to access to Riff is via your Facebook account. Riff will not publish anything on Facebook without your consent.
  • With Riff can only shoot a video in real time, not load one from your library (although users more “smart” are already finding ways to work around this problem).
  • When you turn a video con Riff non potete inserire interruzioni (as happens in Vine) or effects (come in Integral): it involves putting in place of Riff is to publish video to resume natural scenes.
  • When there are multiple clips (published by different users) is a button to skip videos Response più noiosi, a powder’ as in the Snapchat Sories.
  • Only friends or co-workers of those who created the video with Riff can collaborate inserting in its tail “video response”


What to expect! start “Riffare” you too!


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The app is obviously free