What to do and what not to do to give practical help to Nepal following the earthquake!

On the morning of 25 April an earthquake hit Nepal, with its epicenter between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Are more than 5.000 the victims found at the moment. There is no time to lose ’, right now your help is critical for survival. We present a number of ways for everyone to give REAL help to the people of Nepal.

On these occasions the thought of many is that anyone can take advantage in this time of disaster for stealing donations.
terremoto nepal donazioniHere are some tips on what to avoid in order not to lose your donations:

  • Beware who collects clothing, items, send food in Nepal: transportation costs are too high, is much cheaper to buy these goods in neighbouring countries to disaster.
    Beware therefore from this type of requests if they do not come from highly qualified associations.
  • Beware by nate just in moments of the earthquake that hit Nepal. There are many associations that have for years as a mission to help people in difficulty: are prepared to handle this type of emergencies, avoid wastage and focus your offerings where c is ’ a real need.

Below we present a list of accredited associations and prepared to handle this type of emergencies that guarantee a good finalize your offers.



criInternational movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies through the ITALIAN RED CROSS.

  • To donations by credit card / paypal: Red Cross website
  • To donation by Bank: transfer to bank account IBAN: IT19 P010 0503 3820 0000 0200 208, payable to: “Italian Red Cross, Via Toscana 12 – 00187 Rome” at Banca Nazionale del Lavoro – Rome branch Bissolati-Treasury – Via San Nicola da Tolentino 67 – Rome. Causally “2015 Nepal earthquake emergency″(For donations from foreign ’ BIC/SWIFT code: BNL II TRR)


  • via mobile phone or landline: by calling 45596 You can donate a euro to be mobile and network 2 Euro fixed-line network;
  • via credit card: https://donazioni.unicef.it

save the childrenSave the Children

the toll-free number is active 800988810 for donations. For online donations Click here

facebook donazione

International Medical Corps via Facebook

Facebook has enabled a priority channel to send donations to International Medical Corps.
Facebook will donate an amount corresponding to your until 2 million to help local rescue organizations. The 100% your donation will be used to International Medical Corps and at work carrying out in response to the earthquake in Nepal.

You can find out how to donate via the ’ Facebook app on your phone or directly at this address https://www.facebook.com/nepalearthquakesupport?fref=ts

In Nepal c ’ is real need for all!