What are and how to use hashtags: leadership

Cos'è un hashtag?
He speaks frequently on Twitter and Instagram and recently also on Facebook, but few actually know cos'è un hashtag.

We explain in a few what hashtags are and how to use a hashtag.

What are hashtags?
The hashtag are a type of tag (or label) used in some social network (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other minor) to create labels. They are formed by words or combinations of words concatenated preceded by the symbol # (pound, hash in English) … (source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
For example, this is a hashtag: #guidaconprudenza
The hashtag is a term that originated in the platform Twitter to indicate a link to a discussion. And’ very simple and all twitters have under the eyes daily. And’ simply putting a pound sign “#” (is located on the right side of the keyboard ), the key word of the discussion and it turns into a link to a list of recent tweets theme.

It is basically a news aggregator or post. The link is formed when we insert a hashtag, will lead to a list of threads, post, articles they have within the same hashtag.

For example, inserting into the tweet the word # faiunadomandaalpapa this will turn into a link from which you can access the most recent posts on twitter in which it appears the hashtag stessso (and I assure you that they are really many!). Here's an example of what we could get: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23faiunadomandaalpapa&src=typd ( if you click sull'hashtag that we used as an example, would open a list like this).

History of the hashtag
twitter-emailThe hashtags were born in 2007 when, on the occasion of the forest fire in San Diego, Nate Ritter used the tag # sandiegofire to distinguish his uploads. From that moment on, hashtags have spread to bring together not only the tweets related to natural disasters, but all those who deal with specific situations, events and topics

How do you create a hashtag?
To create a hashtag you have to insert the symbol # before the word in question while you're typing a tweet or status in Facebook. After publishing the tweet or status update to the platform turns it into an active link to the discussion. There is a di hashtag list predetermined, you can use any word to create a hashtag.

As you enter the character #?
In the Italian keyboard to enter the character # (hash) is usually necessary to hold the “Alt Gr” and press the letter in accented “with”

Tricks and other uses hashtag
Often it is also used to group the tweet made by a given user. In the latter case, the pound sign (#) should be placed before the name of the user in question. Clicking sull'hashtag other users can view the list of the user's tweets in chronological order and also quotes and references made by others on that user.

Helpful hints for using the hashtag
Follow @hashtags on Twitter account: you will be automatically added and your hashtag will be traced: before you start do a little research to get an idea of ​​how the community uses the tags you have in mind;

Using hashtags sparingly - A hashtag can provide useful insights for the contextualization and be a valuable tool to find your message or to create groups according to some event. Excessive use is an element of confusion: used the hashtags # just to give value to your tweets rather than adding gates on every word (which unfortunately is often the case with Instagram)

Use a twitter hashtag to update LinkedIn: You can update your Linkedin status through the use of #in hashtag at the end of each message sent on Twitter, obviously after the prior synchronization between the two platforms.

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