What is BitCoin? The currency of the future!

It seems that BitCoin is really the currency of the future: not affected by the economic and political situations in the countries, are not issued by banks or central institutions or from a specific country and can be earned and spent virtually.
But exactly, What are the BitCoin?

What are bitcoins?
The Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is traded on the web. The bitcoin can be considered as a virtual payment system like PayPal or even credit cards.

How much is a bitcoin?
The value of a bitcoin is variable and depends on the laws of supply and demand: being available in limited quantities, and so increases the demand the higher the price. The increase of bitcoins in circulation is dictated by a mathematical model very evolved. At the date of this article a bitcoin is worth about 0,778 €.cosa sono i bitcoin

Payment by bitcoin leaves traces?
Thanks to a system sosfisticato, there is a permanent record of a payment, but is not plotted the identity of the two persons who pay or receive the bitcoin.
There is therefore the possibility that a given item has been paid in bitcoins, but you can not trace the identity of the “payer”. This takes place through a network of peer-to-peer network similar to that used for emule.
This led naturally to an exponential increase of ’ using bitcoin for illegal goods or goods acquiestra (software pirata, drugs, illegal services, etc..)

What can I buy with bitcoin?
And’ can purchase goods and services on the net, worldwide in locations where bitcoins are used.

How to make money with bitcoin?
Instead of using the bitcoin to buy, you can store them, hoping that the price increases. There are, however,’ Winning Strategies, it is a “investment” high-risk.

BitcoinWhere are the bitcoin?
The bitcoin can be stored in your PC or in your phone via an electronic wallet.
There are some online services that serve as “banks” bitcoin such as Bitcoin-Qt

How are the bitcoin?
The bitcoin are nothing material. They are “Simple” sequences encoded characters.
And’ therefore important to keep them in safe places, and not in text files scattered around the computer or in an e-mail.

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