What are green check marks in WhatsApp ?

To many it will seem trivial, but we are often asked! What are the green check marks that appear in the messages of Whatsapp? Here we go!The green check marks are very important, to indicate when the successful delivery of a message.

Here's what they mean:

– message successfully delivered to the server. (from your phone the message has arrived at the server Whatsapp)

– message successfully delivered to the phone of your chat partner. (from the server Whatsapp the message has been delivered to the recipient's mobile phone).



  • the behavior of the green checkmarks may be slightly different from phone to phone (depends on the operating system and the handling of notifications).
  • these signs not indicate that the message has been read, but only that it was delivered.


Let's take an example: its iPhone and Android just sent the message you will see a green check mark (if there are any network problems): It means that your message has been taken over by Whatsapp , which will then send a notification of a new message to the recipient's mobile phone.


  • if the application has Whatsapp Open you will receive immediately the two green ticks because the message is delivered instantly destinatarioIl recipient will receive the notification and:
  • if the application has Whatsapp closed instead, you will receive the two green ticks When the recipient opens the application (because only in this moment, the phone will download New Posts)

In both cases, then le due spunte to be taken ie WhatsApp they are not indicating that the recipient has opened (or read) the message, but simply that he received on his mobile phone.



Therefore, If you see a single green check mark the reasons could be:

  • Recipient's phone chat might be turned off or the battery may be drained
  • The recipient may chat in bed, especially if you live in an area with a different time zone.
  • Maybe chat by the recipient is not connected to the internet (is located in the elevator, is roaming or no credit data).
  • Maybe they saw the notification on the screen but did not launch the app to confirm receipt of the message (very frequent in the case of recipients with iPhone).
  • The trial period may have expired (in the case of users Blackberry, Android, Windows or Nokia).
  • Maybe you have blocked.