COS ’ is Chromecast? Make your Smart TV with only 35 Euro

Lately we hear a lot about this new device from Google, but What exactly Chromecast? Chromecast is Google's answer to Apple TV, but it definitely has an edge.. Price!

As you can see from the, Chromecast comes in the form of an ordinary USB stick.. but the technology contained inside is decidedly different! First, the attack is not USB but HDMI, is contained inside a modern processor and WiFi transmitter.Chromecast

How does it work Chromecast?

Simply slip Chromecast in the door of your very common Hdmi TV, launch the app from Chrome, on your PC, Mac or smartphone and even the TV becomes more stupid Smart! Chromecast not even need to power as it takes directly from the HDMI jack of your TV the energy needed!

Chromecast allows you to watch directly on your TV broadcast video and audio content via your Android devices, iPad and iPhone. Just as you would with a Smart TV, indeed, with some strength in most: your devices and Chromecast must be connected to the same WiFi, but unlike other similar systems, Once you start playback from your device (computer, Tablet or smartphone) You can also use it to turn it off or do anything else because Chromecast will recover directly and independently what needs to stream on your TV by internent.

The possibilities are many promises Google, and are already undergoing trials app dedicated to Chromecast downloaded via add-ons or Chrome Play Android Market.

Just Play the Market already offers a large number of very recent movies to rent or buy, not to mention the large number of free movies (often even entire movies in streaming) offered by Youtube.

There are also now several broadcasters comme La 7, Rai and others, and the provision in English is much richer.. They offer rich palimpsest.

Have already been raised in the first type of critical legal Chromecast: as we said the little jewel Google allows you to send streaming to your TV anything (quasi) is shown on a page of Chrome.. is nothing to prevent that in this page there might be such our website for streaming movies free favorite.. And this would allow us to watch streaming movies pirate comfortably lying on sofa at home on TV instead of from our computer or tablet.

Another interesting feature of Chromecast is to listen to the MP3'sAlvati on our smartphone or PC via the surround sound of our TV without cumbersome cables to connect.

Google also promises to implement more and more of the service offered by Choromecast having the ability to automatically update our device and always developing new dedicated app.

What to expect? The price is really ridiculous: You can tocquistare Chromecast directly from Amazon and have it delivered directly to your home without shipping in a few days! You can buy directly Chromecast on Amazon with free shipping by clicking on this link:
Google HDMI Chromecast GA3A00034A24 Streaming Media Player, Black