What is the secret chat in Telegram? How to use it?

Telegram gives lot of attention to security, so as to include in its messenger the function called “secret chat” to protect our privacy. Many users have asked for details about this feature; lets see What is the secret chat in Telegram.

The Chat Segreta (Secret Chat) was developed by Telegram for those users who are very concerned about their privacy: messages have a encryption “end-to-end” and therefore can not be intercepted or opened by anyone other than the sender or recipient. Also interception of data between the two devices do not allow to read the contents of the message.telegram-chat-segreta

The messages in chat segrete can not be forwarded to other users and can not be read by a web client or app that will allow you to install and use on your PC Telegram (see: How to use Telegram from PC, Mac or in the Web ) because they are not saved in “cloud” (in the server manager Telegram).

In the chat secret was introduced also the function of “self-destruction” which allows “destroy” messages chat secret automatically after a period of time (variable from a few seconds to hours) both the sender's mobile from that of the recipient.

Note that messages, even if they are destroyed, may be saved in any other way, such as making a “screenshot” (a screen capture of our mobile).

How do I start a chat with secret Telegram?

Pressing the button to create a new message in the upper right corner of the application, are asked whether to start a chat “standard” or a secret chat.
And’ You can also create different secret chat with the same user.

Caution however,: secret chats are not saved to the cloud, if you do then logout from your device, the secret chat will be lost irretrievably.

How do you use the self-destruction in Telegram ?

Self-destruction is a specific feature of the chat secret or secret chat, and it is therefore not possible to use it in normal chat.
To set the self-destruction of a specific secret chat, apritela (or create a new secret chat), press the small image in the upper right side of chat and set the timer: the next message, messages placed in that particular secret chat on the phone will be totally destroyed both the sender and the recipient of after the time set by the user.
The “countdown” starts when the recipient has read the message.

Caution: the addressee will see that you have set up a secret chat and your choice of autodistruggere messages after n seconds.

The messages in the chat normal Telegram (non in chat segreta) are, however, confident?

And’ important to remember, as we have seen in this article that relate to the characteristics of the Telegram: “Is it better Whatsapp or Telegram ?” that posts in Telegram are secure and protected. The real difference between normal messages and chat secret is the encryption level and the fact that messages are not saved on the server and can be destroyed themselves after a time adjustable to your liking.

The secret chat is not available in the version of Telegram via the Web or in the one installed on your PC or Mac. For more information Who clicca.

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