What is a poke on facebook?

Facebook has really thought of everything and all the needs of its users, e quando si tratta di conoscere qualcuno attraverso un social sicuramente è il numero 1. Se trovi una persona che ti interessa e vorresti vedere il suo profilo privato ma non siete amici, facebook has thought of this, e la function of POKE this is.

WHAT’ UN Poke?

A poke is a kind of “ring” which you can send to people registered on facebook to get their attention and you can send both if you are friends on the social is that you are not.

You use it when you want to see the profile of a user, but you do not have permission. If that person responds with "Poke Back", allows you to see him for a week.

Do poke to a person who is already your friend is like “touch” to get attention.


To send a poke to someone is very simple, just go to the profile of the person you want to also do this by using the search bar at top of fb, and in the settings menu alongside the messages found “send poke”, as shown in the picture.

poke facebook



To see if someone has sent you the poke, just click on the menu that is similar to the homepage of facebook on the left below “applications”, and we will find the list of people who have POKKATO and also the option of returning the ring.

poke facebook 2


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