Croll to Casablanca: 4 deaths and 55 injured. Photos and video from social networks.

At least 4 people were killed and fifty were wounded more or less seriously because of the collapse of three apartment buildings in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco.The condos are practically collapsed in the Burgundy district of Casablanca right next to the coast during the night between Thursday 10 and Friday 11 July 2014 at 2:30 morning.
The reason for the collapse has not yet been established with certainty although it is suspected that the reason is to be found in the works that were in place on the ground floor of one of the buildings involved.

Some residents blame the blame instead of collapse of buildings in Casablanca the same city of Casablanca for giving permission to build on the 5th floor (recently added) to one of the buildings involved in crashes, without that the structure of the same was able to withstand the additional weight.

Rescuers have brought assistance to 47 people and 6 children, involved in the collapse.
The first bodies to be extracted from the rubble without life are those of a child 10 years and a woman of about forty years.
The wounded were accompanied at hospitals Moulay Youssef and the University Hospital (YOU) Ibn Rochd.

Casablanca, the most populated city in Morocco, is a megalopolis of more than five million people, and counts especially in the old town (Medina) many buildings built without any special security measures. It is not the first time that these housing collapse.

In 2012 other two people had died due to the collapse of a house in a neighborhood of the Medina.
According to an estimate by the Ministry for the residence of Morocco, fra i 4.000 and the 7.000 Accommodations are at risk in Casablanca. Several actions have already been done and are ongoing to ensure new housing to the residents.

Even the King of Morocco Mohamed VI, with his delegation, visited the scene of the crash to give comfort and show the closeness to the victims and to the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Again social media such as Twitter and YouTube were the first to spread the news of the collapse in Casablanca as you can see by twitt listed below that have spread preview photos and videos of very serious collapse.

casablanca_crollo3 casablanca_crollo2 Casablanca collapse

Check photo gallery of the collapse of Casablanca: