Declared on Facebook that he drove drunk.. and is arrested!

The boy you see in the picture here has certainly started well 2013. His posts on Facebook the will create quite a few problems! Declared on Facebook that he drove drunk.. and is arrested!

It happens in Astoria, in Oregon, USA own New Year's Day.

Around 1am, Astoria police reports that two parked cars were damaged by a moving car; few hours later, is reported to the police a post on Facebook that we report below:

arrestato ubriaco facebook

Translation: “I drove drunk… a classic ;) but I feel sorry for the owners of the Autos I bumped. :P

The police went to the House of Jacob, ensured that his car was damaged, After some quick check pointed out that it was the guy, just as he had written on Facebook to destroy parked cars driving drunk.

The boy was led in cell immediately (We're not sure in Italy…).

He is accused of having destroyed the cars and especially to have fled.

The boy was not reported, however, for driving under the influence of alcohol because its simple statement on Facebook can not be considered as evidence.
Police said Astoria: “Astoria Police have an active social media presence. When you post … on Facebook, you have to figure that it is not going to stay private long.”

And we assure you that the Italian law enforcement agencies are (rightly) in the network with account “owl” !