Where do you store backups of the iPhone in iTunes? Win and Mac.

The location where the backup files are saved in iTunes will not affect most user as the backup and restore (recovering data on an iPhone) are fully automatic.
However, if you have the need to change computers or free up disk space is useful to know that backups are saved via iTunes into your computer in different locations depending on the type of computer or operating system:

  • Windows EXPERIENCE: (C):Document and settings(username)Appdataroamingappl e ComputerMobileSyncBackup
  • Windows Vista / 7: (C):Users(username)Appdataroamingappl e ComputerMobileSyncBackup
  • Mac: libreria utente>application support>mobile sync>backup

It may also happen that you have used your computer to back up your iPhone or iPad to friends, to have little space available on the disk and you want to do a little’ cleaning by deleting the iTunes backup to free up space.
We do not recommend directly delete the backup file, but to cancel the backup through iTunes, following the guidance of the item listed below.

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