Downgrade: go back to iOS 7.1.1 from iOS 8 beta [tutorial]

Have you installed the iOS version 8 beta and want to go back to iOS 7.1.1? This is the guide for you and allows you to reinstall the official version of the firmware 7.1.1!

Since very little has been released the beta version of iOS 8 for Apple devices. Many users are installing on their machine to test it (In this article we are our recommendations and guidance for the installation of iOS 8 beta)

Some users who have not carefully read the guides, potrebbero non essere in grado di attivare iOS 8 (as its UDID is not properly registered as a developer) or simply after trying iOS 8 want to recover and return to the official version of iOS (currently 7.1.1).

Carefully follow this guide to perform the Downgrade iOS 8 in iOS 7.1.1 (to restore your device with the official version of iOS) after performing a backup of your device (Be careful not to overwrite any previous backups)

Disclaimer – Important Notes

  • Any backup performed with iOS 8 may not be compatible with iOS 7
  • And’ possibile installare SOLO l’ulima versione di firmware rilasciata da Apple.
  • The staff of assumes no responsibility for any problems that may occur during upgrade
  • The staff of available while updating instructions and a link does not guarantee the one2one assistance to those who were to have problems running the upgrade

Guide to downgrade back to iOS 7.1.1 from iOS 8 beta

1) download the most recent official version of the firmware of your device (currently iOS 7.1.1). Find direct links to download the iOS firmware in our page: download Firmware iPhone.

2) Lanciate iTunes (it must also be updated to the latest version), connect your device, and ensure that it is recognized.

3) Mettete il vostro dispositivo in modalità DFU: attention pay attention to this:
Press and hold the buttons “Home” and “Sleep” at the same time.

After exactly 10 seconds, release the state “Sleep” (that used to turn the device”) pressing and holding the Home button until iTunes will not recognize your device in “Recovery”:

The iPhone screen must remain completely black.

4) Click the Reset button (o Restore) maintained the button “maiuscole/shift” on the keyboard (win) o il tasto “Old / Option” su Mac.

5) select the firmware you downloaded in step 1) and press the “Apri/Open”. When prompted, confirmed the recovery.

6) wait with patience, the process could take longer than the 15 minutes.