Download iOS 8 beta firmware per iPhone, ipod touch e iPad [link]

As indicated in this article, is available for download and install iOS 8 beta for iPhone, iPod iPhone.
Since this is a beta release, It is not possible update to iOS 8 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch CONTACT (Over the air) or through iTunes as normal updates, but following our guide!

The update would be reserved for developers, but we advise you to read our article “tutorial: how to install iOS 8 Beta on iPhone” to find out how to install iOS 8 beta on your device without being developers.
We recommend that you carefully check the article above ’ requirements and precautions for the ’ upgrade to iOS 8.1 beta.

To follow our guide to update to iOS 8 you need to download the beta firmware iOS 8 beta using the links below if you are not developers.

The links below are constantly updated. We recommend the link Torrent as Apple is performing an action elimination of every link that leads to the download of firmware 8.1 beta unauthorized.

To correctly identify the model of your device, you can see this page from the official Apple website:

Download iOS 8 to iPhone:

Download iOS 8 for iPad:

  • Air iPad (Model A1474) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • Air iPad (Model A1475) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • Air iPad (Model A1476) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad mini (Model A1489) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad mini (Model A1490) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad (4th generation Model A1458) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad (4th generation Model A1459) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad (4th generation Model A1460) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad mini (Model A1432) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad mini (Model A1454) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad mini (Model A1455) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad Wi-Fi 3rd generation (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • iPad Wi-Fi 3G 3rd generation (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad 2 Wi-Fi (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A) (LINK) (TORRENT)
  • ipad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM) (LINK) (TORRENT)

Download iOS 8 per iPod Touch