And’ released the new Samsung Galaxy S4, that's when you can buy!

The release of the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming, and finally at 10:00 the 27 April we will be able to buy the new jewel of the house Samsung. Let's see its main features, where and to what we buy!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 è il quarto dispositivo della generazione popolare serie GALAXY S ed è definito dalla casa Coreana “the life partner”, and effectively, has features very innovative and futuristic; is designed to simplify the daily life of the owner, and has various sensors very advanced technological.

Samsung galaxy s4

Samsung GALAXY S 4 and’ equipped with a large Full HD display Super AMOLED 5″, made even more’ durable thanks to the new Corning Gorilla Glass 3, a battery 2600 mAh durability, a camera 13 e megapixel speed’ 4G LTE connection. “Today, a smartphone must accompany the person throughout the day, helping and facilitating it in their activities’ daily, both professionally and in private”.

The most amazing thing of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 are the features that you can get from numerous sensors mounted in the device, such as the flow of reading when his eyes come to the end of the page, or standby smart phone when you move his eyes from the.

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And’ was officially presented yesterday in Italy 23 April at 19:00 in Milan, with many famous guests invited to the event, but only from the 27 April at 10:00 we can actually buy it; per vederlo e provarlo è disponibile nei Temporary Store della Samsung a Milan (via Torino ang. Piazza Santa Maria Beltrade) and Rome (your Borgognona 39/40).

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