Here are some notable errors of maps iPhone with IOS 6 (photo)

Who has updated their iPhone with the new iOS6 will have already been able to see their own: Apple the new maps – view from above in 3D – which have replaced the Google Maps contain errors display obvious. Take a look at how the Cupertino company has “reconstructed” Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo in Rome. The buildings are elongated and have a ghostly appearance, machines seem to have melted into the asphalt and all around seems to be no life. Twitter users joke and talk about a “apocalypse” that hit all the cities of the world. Specifically those that can already count on the mode “Flyover” new maps. And Buckingham Palace, eg, looks like a home of zombies. While in New York the Brooklyn Bridge is totally liquefied. It must be said, however, that Apple maps are updated and erroneous views are constantly under review.

Here are some errors in the update IOS 6 for iPhone:

Statue of Liberty- New York

mappe apple 1

Buckingham Palace – London

mappe apple 3

One off Thames – London

mappe apple 3

The Brooklyn Bridge – New York

mappe apple 4

London spectral

mappe apple 5

The Port of Miami

mappe apple 6

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