tutorial: how to backup iPhone to iTunes or iCloud

To secure the data of our iPhone is an activity that many neglect, but can often save us much time and hassle! The backup in un iPhone Highly recommended is definitely an operation when performing a firmware update.The methods to back up an iPhone are essentially two:

tutorial: automatic backup iPhone on iCloud

The iCloud backup on the iPhone is the fastest method, and especially is automatic.
What does it mean to backup to iCloud? With the iPhone backup in iCloud your personal data and application data are saved via the Internet on an Apple server. The data is encrypted and therefore can not be seen by no one else but you. By setting the backup to iCloud not have to do anything: your device automatically makes a new backup every time you are connected to a Wifi network with the phone on charge.

Only disadvantage: Apple iCloud space that offers free is limited to 5Gb. And’ still more than enough to save the data essential iPhone. Starts to become “close” if you want to make backups of the photo album (especially if there are many video).

To set up your iCloud and check what data will be saved, just go to your phone in Settings > General > club > Archive and backup.

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Means “Manage storage” you can choose what you want to include in the backup, meter through “Edit file plan” you can buy more space on iCloud.

tutorial: backing up iTunes

The backup on iTunes is more comprehensive, but requires the use of a computer with an updated version of iTunes installed. And’ also necessary that your phone is connected to iTunes using the USB cable or Wifi: recommend to backup the USB cable connection as much faster.
To start the backup just press the button “Back up now” highlighted in the image and wait for the operation to complete.


In the screen “backup” on iTuness can also occur when you ran the last time the backup (although it has been performed in the manner described in that article iCloud).

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