Disable all data roaming ’ abroad is not enough! Bloodletting for mobile phone users!

With the end of the summer holiday period, many users have reported a rather annoying issue: by going abroad many readers have received daily traffic data package fees despite having disabled data roaming abroad.

Smartphones ’ abroad

When you are all foreign ’, our Italian SIM goes to dock to the network of the country where we are. From this point forward all traffic that we generate is billed according to our international calling plan that may be according to consumption: “I pay for what I use” or if you have a foreign package package that may include a limited number of messages and calls to l ’ ’ Italy and abroad or to a data packet, usually rather small to “Browse” abroad.

And’ well also know that Smartphones use the traffic data even if you don't use applications related to Internet: the phone, that this is an iPhone or Android device, or Microsoft, will connect to the Internet. To better understand, even if you are not using the browser, do not navigate on Facebook, do not use WhatsApp and not download mail, your phone uses a limited amount of data (in order to send push notifications, to check for updates and for many other reasons). Data traffic in these cases is quite small, but it's enough to make you get daily ’ be charged foreign package l.

Data roaming

You have certainly heard of data roaming abroad: roaming is the possibility that your SIM to connect to other networks (for example you have a Vodafone SIM that connects through “roaming” the Orange network when you are all foreign ’).
The “data roaming” allows you to leverage the data traffic from another provider when you are all foreign ’: turning it off will not be allowed to use the data traffic.

Avoid charges for data traffic all foreign ’

That being said, It would seem sufficient to disable data roaming abroad from your smartphone to avoid charges of data traffic abroad by Italian operators…
It is not so: What happens is that with international data roaming turned off, you will not be able to use the traffic info about ’ foreign operator.. but you will continue to receive the complaints as if your smartphone you were still connected to the data network.

And that's not all: If you have a 4 g phone and you are going to totally disable data traffic (Disabling physically on your smartphone l ’ switch that stops the data traffic) you will continue to receive the daily charge ’.

It will seem strange, but it is just so: the problem is caused by the 4 g connection that is unusual compared to 3 g connections. The 4 g connection is identified by many Smartphones as “Automatic connection”: a connection that is established if required by the device despite several blocks from you set (both roaming data block block).

The solution

It you do not want to receive traffic data fees when you are all foreign ’ You'll have to go to disable roaming and disable the connection type 3 g-4 g forcing from menu “Settings” of your device.
Actually it is not a 3 g connection “Automatic” and will fail when Roaming is disabled.
The procedure is quite simple:

  • in Android go into “Settings” / “Other networks” / “Network mode” and select “Only 3 g” or “GSM Only”
  • in iPhone and iPad go into “Settings” / “Cellular data” / and disabled LTE and 4 g

Beware by callcenter Italian operators

If you have tried to call the callcenter Italian operators complaining the problem of complaints, you've probably seen a phenomenal Theatre: operators hardly know the problem and offer solutions rather bizarre.

We did a test by contacting the call center Wind getting answers absolutely absurd and bizarre including:

  • c ’ was charged because you used the WiFi (FALSE: the wifi does not produce any charge)
  • you have not disabled the GPS, that's what causes the connection (FALSE: GPS makes no connection: GPS is a simple receiver that does not transmit any data and use the data traffic).

How to request reimbursement for data traffic

All operators are protected and contractually stipulate the reversal only manufactured the first complaint received. If you were on holiday a week all foreign ’, You can therefore, contacting the call center of your operator, require the reversal of the first advance received, and not the other six.

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