Fabrizio Corona arrested. His video message to fans! [updated]


Fabrizio Corona, the king of the paparazzi fugitive for a few days, has made a Lisbon anticipating his decision through a video message on a popular social networks. Recall that Fabrizio Corona had disappeared last Friday after the Supreme Court had confirmed the sentence to 5 years for extortion against David Treguezet. Crown had disappeared from the gym in the center of Milan, a few hundred meters from his home. Arrested ? Hunted ? Constituted ? As usual on these events, at least in the early hours you can not make a great clarity. It seems that Fabrizio Corona has decided to constitution as it was already heavily hunted by Italian police and Interpol. Its “Delivery” the police was preceded by his video message on a social network (you can listen below) stating: "I arrived in Portugal now after four days of travel, I am going to deliver spontaneously to the Portuguese authorities ... ".

The link of the video message was posted by his collaborators also in official Facebook page Fabrizio Corona

The link of the video message which was published in the official page of Fabrizio Corona has been removed from facebook is that socialchannel from the site on which it was originally published, but you can hear the message and see the post on this page.

Why does the video message of Corona has been deleted?

Police investigations have already rebuilt it was Corona was expatriate drive to the France. In Spain and Portugal instead inhabit some of his acquaintances who could help him in hiding. Feeling trapped now set an appointment to surrender and he did it in the train station underground Queluz, Portuguese agents who have been joined by Italian investigators who saw him cry. The State Police, however, states that Fabrizio Corona, showy hunted, has only anticipated the arrest. Investigators of the Flying Squad, in fact, were in Portugal for a few days, and were already on his trail. “More than established surrendered"Is the comment of the vertices of the police headquarters in Milan.

The latest rumors it seems that Corona has been cut off by the alarm detector with GPS location of his car.

corona_arrestatoRecall that Fabrizio Corona had already been detained in San Vittore after € ™ s arrest in the case Vallettopoli 2007, e la fear to return him to say that he would rather prefer death by boss. At least that is what a friend told the newspaper â € œThe Giornaleâ €. OAS â € "Maximum â €" he told me â € "but if I were to die today, if I did togliessi life or the end of Scarface, shall become a myth?“”. Myth in the, it seems that the escape, this yet another clever bit of Corona, the other can cost 3 additional years of imprisonment.


If he could get away undisturbed.. would never have made ?

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