Fabrizio Corona escapes: message on Facebook and thousands of fans are defending him!

By Friday, 18, when against him was issued condemnation of the Supreme Court a 5 years in prison for aggravated extortion against David Trezeguet Juventus footballer, Fabrizio Corona escapes and is officially a fugitive. Meanwhile,, on Sunday afternoon, on its Official Facebook page appeared a message.

This is the text of the post published on Facebook Sunday 20 All 15.00, about:

When the storm is over, you probably do not even know how did you cross it and get out alive. Indeed, you're not even sure if it's really over. But on one point there is no doubt. And it is that you, out of that wind, may not be the same as you entered”

corona messaggio facebook

More than an attempt to sidetrack his research shows how location-Facebook geolocation Fourth Oggiaro (MI) – Apparently yet another mockery of the known “Photographer” VIPs.

This is not his bag of flour obviously, but a summons by Haruki Murakami, essayist and translator, with a large following in the media, who wrote, among others, a volume entitled 'Kafka on the Shore'.

According to the Milan police investigating the escape, to publish the literary quotation on Facebook would be the driver and co-worker of Corona, using his credentials (source: corriere.it)

What Crown he would not be taking too easily was to be expected, But what is surprising is the rain of cheers not to find that is occurring on Facebook and Twitter: his post has already received over 10.000 “I like” and beyond 1.000 comments that make you not to be found. In soaring even “I like” on his official page. There are of course also insults and criticism for his “lack of respect for others”.

The fact is that Crown once again manages to do about you and increases their fans: in the last hours were created dozens of Facebook Pages dedicated to Crown while on Twitter is catching the hashtag # coronanonsitrova.

We'll see how it turns out…

… in our opinion.. his next post I will retract on a great beach, even more arousing the envy of many!

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