Facebook room: signed photo of the facebook app

Facebook, who has received the OK della Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pochi giorni fà per l’acquisto della piattaforma Instagram, despite this still points on his app of photos, Facebook room.

The app was released a few months ago in the app store American, is updated by including new features and points to the release in the app store around the world.

Today, now Facebook has released an update for iOS application. The changes affect only the photos, let us see the changes:

  • Notifications of commentsCamera 1.1 520x780 Facebook updates its Camera app to include notifications and uploading photos to specific albums


  • TAG function


  • function “I like”


  • the ability to upload your photos to a specific album



La nuova applicazione ti consente di customize your photos by applying filters that have made it popular Instagram e di condividerle con tutti i tuoi amici Facebook semplicemente con un tap. Facebook Camera si differenzia da Instagram grazie a due migliorie: la possibilità di caricare più di una foto contemporaneamente e la condivisione degli scatti con i tuoi amici social che risulta immediata.

The application is now available for free in the U.S. store, but soon will be released for other app stores.