Facebook: How to choose whether to receive more or less news from some friends

You have wondered why on Facebook receive many unnecessary posts from your friends, While other friends do not receive news for weeks.
Facebook uses its own algorithm (a series of n.d.r rules.) to try to show you the things that you feel more attractive.
And’ the same algorithm that Facebook uses to advertise trying to offer more banner ads that may attract your attention.This algorithm based on artificial intelligence has some sort of “self-learning”: will try to show you friends ' posts with whom you interact more (put like, comment, to write privately via Messenger and also by WhatsApp).

It is said though that this algorithm works well for all: in a few steps you will explain how receive more Facebook posts from some of your friends and receive less from you feel less attractive.

How to display more posts from some friends

facebook_amici_piu_strettiTo make sure that Facebook “Learn” that you would like to post someone in particular you can just put these people on the list “Close friends”.
To do this, simply enter in your friend's page, click on the button “Friends” and choose “Close friends”.
Your friend will not receive any notification of this variation, will never know that you have added in the list of close friends.

How to display less post from some friends

Continue to be bombarded on Facebook by post by some people of which little will matter? To receive fewer news Facebook timeline relating to a specific friend you can just click on the button “Friends” and choose “Acquaintances”.

In this way you'll understand Facebook l ’ importance you give to what they write certain people, and Facebook as a result will set the news flow of these people in the timeline.