Facebook buys WhatsApp: agreement

The news is official! after a few days of delay, Mark Zuckerberg has signed the agreement: Facebook Acquires WhatsApp, Note messaging application market leader.
The price is mind-boggling: 19 billion dollars as follows:

  • 12 billion in Facebook shares
  • 4 billion in cash
  • 3 billion in Facebook shares to be distributed to employees and managers who have worked for at least WhatsApp 4 years


Whatsapp has more than 400 million active users every month, the 70% of which is online at least once a day: Facebook therefore pays almost 35 dollars for each user WhatsApp!

The official statement from Facebook said, "This acquisition accelerates the ability of Facebook to connect people", so we have to worry about the fate of WhatsApp? Pare proprio di no in quanto Facebook garantisce che l’applicazione di messaggistica continuerà ad esistere come realtà indipendente, although it is not difficult to imagine the integration with Messenger, the messaging app on Facebook.

The acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook is the bargain of the year: WhatsApp that would the richest acquisition of a startup that never took place.

Jan Korum, CEO e cofondatore di WhatsApp dichiara “L’interfaccia semplice e potente che proponiamo sta trainando la rapida crescita di WhatsApp e l’alto grado di coinvolgimento degli utenti”

For Facebook Mark Zuckerberg speaks instead declaring that "WhatsApp aims to reach one billion people connect", ”I servizi in grado di raggiungere certi traguardi sono particolarmente pregiati“.

During the conference call convened after the’purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, Mark said "After we talked about the price, I thought about it for a few days and I finally decided that yes, from, let's do it "" Once you reach one, two or three billion users will have a lot of ways to monetize ".

Zuckerberg, reassures users Whatsapp "I do not think that the adverts are the right way to monetize an app messaging".

The only definitive conclusion awaits the verification of the legislation.