Facebook: from today's Timeline (the diary) is for everyone!

It seems that any attempt to escape the timeline of Facebook and keep its simple and loved “bulletin board” is to be declared bankrupt.

Today 31 August,in fact, seems to be the last day in which users can use the old version of the social network, that is changing gradually for all.

The transition from the dashboard to the timeline (che permette di trovare eventi, been, photos posted since your membership - that's why it is also called "diary") has been gradual: who first, who after, slowly all have had to endure the frustration of switching to something that has totally changed the way of being your own profile, for many a traumatic change.

La timeline non è piaciuta alla maggior parte degli iscritti a Facebook, forse principalmente perché permette a tutti i propri amici di scovare tutto quello che in passato abbiamo condiviso, even the things that maybe we're not proud, or maybe for graphics and for the little dimistichezza with these new settings.

In short, we can not now hide behind the immediacy and constant stand with one foot in the present and the other in the future of social networks, which most 'are used and more' "delete" pages past (and so their contents).

But this is now an old story on Facebook: voices on the web (some from apparently just by the Zuckerberg) say that today is the last date of transition to tremendous timeline that can be then if the element cha scored one of the biggest changes in the history of Facebook.