Facebook and Twitter tell in their own way YOUR 2012

The two most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter have created a page dedicated to recount the events of the 2012 which have characterized your social life staff. How?

Exactly, both the most used social network in the world: Facebook and Twitter have created a page specifically designed to automatically collect and share the most popular events of your social life during the 2012.

How do I see them and share them? And’ very simple.


Facebook has created Year in review: You can access the https address://www.facebook.com/yearinreview
If you are not already authenticated, Facebook will ask you to do this before you create your page 2012 Personalized.

Will be shown events, photos, the post Bulletin Board, the places that have had more interactions with your friends, more “I like” with the rest of the world of Facebook users.

We will come back to mind the sights of the holidays, recordings made with friends, and many other events!

Your Year in review will always be accessible at::
http:///yearinreview/vostronomeutente facebook.com

twitter 2012Twitter

Twitter offers a similar service via a partner site: Vizify.com
As shown in the official website of Twitter: “Twitter has partnered with Vizify to help you relive your best moments of Twitter 2012. To retrace your year on Twitter, you just go on Vizify.com (English only). On Vizify, you will be asked to sign in to your Twitter account and see a custom page from your Tweets of the 2012.”

In this case it seems that Facebook has worked really better than Twitter, that relies on the feed supplied to an external website to analyze the popularity of your tweets.

Facebook pages look more carefully and ensure better sharing.