Facebook rebels and eliminates all fake profiles!

Facebook, after stock market crash the past few days, decided change and eliminate some shortcomings from the known social network. According to data released from the site of CNN (the broadcaster U.S. all-news), there are 83 million Facebook profiles at serious risk, because of the revolution that is being born in the house Zuckerberg to rebuild from the ground up the credibility of the social network world's most popular.

The Social Network in early August has published data rather alarming related to the growing phenomenon of outlined fake: almost 10% Total Accounts (955 million) turns out to be a profile false or a simple duplicate, and if we stop to consider only the profiles “active”, fake accounts almost touching the 50 million.

These fake profiles that risk elimination, Facebook has them divided into three broad groups, let's have:

  • Duplicate accounts ( people who have more than one account)
  • Personal profiles dedicated ( dogs, cats, other animals, companies and corporations)
  • The side profiles ( profiles created for spamming or advertisement)

Not specified the manner and timing with which Facebook will fulfill this “cleaning” from fake users, but we just hope to be notified to the contrary of the other decisions taken in the past by Zuckerberg.