Facebook Gifts: Zuckerberg launched a new service to send gifts to our friends!

The social network has recently opened a new very nice service, Facebook Gifts, allowing you to select and ship directly from the website address of our friend selected the most appropriate gift for every occasion.

As reported by the Financial Times, Facebook Gift with the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg launches in the territory of Amazon.com, the largest online retailer: the service allows a user to buy, paying by credit card, objects or services (for example there is an agreement with Starbucks) and give them away to someone else, who then chooses whether to accept them and have them delivered where. Let's see what it is and how to use the service:

just click on the icon with the gift package (available soon as in the picture below), present in Timeline of your contacts, Choose from the options that appear taking a cue from the habits of your friend and the categories that usually consults and book it. The recipient can accept or reject the gift, and we can pay it even after the thought has been welcomed and accepted.

facebook gifts

The system should bring into the pockets of a lot Zuckerberg’ of money, the result of the ratio for, and above should allow the social network to keep up with the times. The first advantage is almost becoming a necessity: After the failed IPO and the continuing decline of the value of the shares, Facebook is losing a mountain of dollars and replenish the coffers is becoming a goal that try to cope with all possible means. Overseas gift cards generate a turnover of approximately 100 billion dollars a year, then the loot could be substantial.

On the other side are proliferating on a global social networks that are based precisely on the sale of objects, as for example Fancy, and solutions that leverage the popularity of Facebook to sell their products. Zuckerberg may lose a major train in the new economy and has designed this table to the descent into the field.

The idea of ​​Gifts probably brewing for some time, because the service leverages expertise undoubtedly arrived in Menlo Park with the acquisition of Karma, a startup that Zuckerberg was awarded to 80 million dollars in the period of the unfortunate landing in bag.

It now remains to be seen whether Facebook users will welcome with enthusiasm the new or not: if so you can bet that will arrive in Italy, otherwise it may fall by the wayside, and in all cases will keep you updated.

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