Facebook: mobile users exceed those traditional!

And’ happened just last week: for the first time in the history, Mobile users have surpassed those PC regarding the use of Facebook. Users then, despite the mobile app is not yet very high performance, preferiscono accedere dal proprio iPhone, or your Smartphone the famous social network of Zuckerberg, rather than from your desktop computer.

In fact, despite the many criticisms of the mobile app linked to Facebook, in recent months it has perceived the intention of improve the mobile application Facebook.

The new timeline has been precisely designed to be better reproducible on a mobile device, and the application code to devices Android has been completely rewritten to bridge the huge gaps.

Facebook Wall logoThe news have become more mobile users than desktop is incredibly important to Facebook: as we had already written in this article, on a mobile device is considerably more difficult to manage the world of sponsorships and it is precisely for this reason that the well-known social network is focusing more on articles and shares sponsonrizzati more than paid advertisements on the classics. It is perhaps for this reason that in this period, despite the large revenue deriving precisely from sponsorships Facebook, Facebook shares are down dramatically.

Also Facebook will be taken to improve the mobile user experience, providing Mobile app for iPhone and Android always best. The large influx of mobile customers will definitely be an incentive.

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