Facebook unveils new search engine: Facebook Graph Search

Facebook poche ore fa ha presentato Graph Search, a revolutionary Search Engine that will change the way in which people seek new content on the internet.

Graph Search‘, is a social search engine studied in order to provide an exact answer to a specific question, and that does not work across the network, but only within the social network.

It is – says CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg – “a search online and’ conscious of privacy”.Mark Zuckerberg presenta Graph Search

“You can’ search only what and’ was shared”, explains. “This is not a web search: the graph search and web search are very different” adds. The Graph Search – says Zuckerberg – allows you to ask Facebook “Who are my friends who live in San Francisco and get an exact answer”.

There are four areas for the 'Graph Search': photo, people, interests and places. And to explain how it works offers its experience. Some months ago, says Zuckerberg, while he was with his wife Priscilla intent to choose the photo you want to use for the good wishes you and’ aimed at Graph Search, who presented their images with the highest number of 'likes'.

Let's see some examples; look at the question posed at Graph Search in the dark blue bar:

iSpazio facebook graph search

Here is a list of searches that were shown during the presentation of Graph Search per dimostrare le potenzialità del nuovo search engine Facebook and that we can prove ourselves as soon as the function will be enabled for all:

  • the music that appeals to people who like Obama;
  • TV shows like to software engineers;
  • like film to my friends;
  • photos that I liked;
  • my friends photos taken in Paris;
  • Dentists like to my friends;
  • restaurants like my Indian friends;
  • bar in Dublin like the friends who live in Dublin;
  • countries visited by my friends;

In addition to search for content within the social network, il Graph Search potrà cercare su tutte le pagine di internet grazie a Bing, the search engine of Microsoft, then the new bar of the social network can also be used to make the "classic search".

When one of the journalists asked why they chose (Bing)and not Google as a partner, Facebook CEO responds:

“The main reason is that people, when they share something on Facebook, want to have not only the opportunity to disclose, but also to withdraw immediately removing. Microsoft has been more willing to do these specific things to Facebook.”

The Graph Search will be available in beta version from today for a limited number of users in beta.

This is the first news from disastrous IPO of Facebook dello scorso maggio.

The titles of the social network lose the 0,90% a 30,71 dollars instead of growing. Analysts had expected something better: the Facebook Phone.

Let's see the videos official presentation of Graph Search:

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