Hashtag on Facebook: how they work

Also Facebook, in the wake of Twitter and Instagram introduced the hashtag: words preceded by the hash- #. Let's see what they do and how to use hashtags on Facebook and why Facebook has decided to incorporate them.

For some time, Twitter also since it is filled with mundane post made by people who have not understood the meaning of the network and use blue bird as if it were Facebook, also on Facebook we started to see words preceded by the pound #. Very often meaningless words that disrupt the use of the hash.

facebook-hashtag_logoFacebook also noticed it and the great minds of giant social network number 1 the world have thought of being left behind, and please the users and also manages the hashtag on Facebook.

Also the introduction of the # hashtag on Facebook has commercial implications not just. Many companies create campaigns using hashtags and Facebook could not stay out of the loop statement.

These are the official reasons appeared in the official Facebook blog about the introduction of # hashtag on Facebook:

“The hashtag of Facebook allow to contextualize a post or indicate that it is already part of a wider discussion. Clicking sull'hashtag, Facebook will open a feed that will collect what people say or pages about that particular topic or event“.

The hashtag are only the first step to help people to more easily discover what users say about a certain topic and to participate in public discussions. Facebook will continue to launch new features in the weeks and months to come, as the most popular hashtag and insights, that will help users to find out what they say in. Obviously hashtags are interoperable, this means that posting the same message on Twitter and Facebook with a hashtag, this will delay the specific results on the two different social networks.

Let's see how to use hashtags on Facebook
If you want to talk about a post on Facebook, for example, you can use the hashtag # iOS7 iOS7; when you type the field #, the next word will be considered a hashtag and colorful with blue sky background:
hashtag facebook

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What are hashtags?

With the hashtag practically go to indicate the subject of your post. Those who read the post can click sull'hashtag (in this example of # iOS7) that becomes a link and see other posts containing the same hashtag:

hashtag facebook link

In fact it will open a popup that will show search results.
The results are unfortunately not in chronological order, but according to the new algorithm Facebook Edgerank showing items with an improved evaluation Facebook (or who have paid more for being judged the best…)

hashtag facebook risultato

And’ You can also use the Facebook search for hashtag search, therefore to search for posts that contain a particular hashtag, simply insert the hashtag itself in the Search Bar Facebook:

hashtag facebook ricerca

What hashtag can be used?

Hashtags are not fixed and predetermined: you can use it freely. If, after the gate will use a word already used by someone else, Your post will be associated with all those containing the same hashtag #. If you choose a hashtag never used this will “life”.

Remember that in the hashtag you can not use the space character ” ” Therefore, if you want to use more words you should write them one after the other. For example if you write “#desire for the sun” Facebook (How to Twitter) cosidererà as hashtag # want (as the space terminates the hashtag. In this case you should therefore write # vogliadisole

The’mobile app has not yet been updated to gestire the hashtag Facebook and there is not even a useful function (similar to that of Twitter) which offers, once you type the # and some letters, the most used hashtag similar.

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There is now more clearly the use of # hashtags on Facebook?