Facebook: messages to payment? What is true?

The news is spreading like wildfire on major social networks: Facebook has introduced a cost to send messages to “no friends”, to public figures and famous people. In the near future we will then pay to send messages with Facebook?

The news is real, we see directly the official source: what he said Facebook about the messages to payment:

This is the official statement of Facebook: "The testing of this feature is designed to figure out how to deal with situations in which the algorithms and the social connections do not work well. For example, if you want to send a message to someone you have heard during an event but with whom you are no friend, or if you want to talk about a job opportunity with a stranger, You can use this feature to reach their inbox incoming. The benefit to the recipient is to receive messages only from people who really have something important to say ".

You can read the full statement in English directly on the official Facebook blog at this address:

facebook-a-pagamentoThe Prices in order to contact someone should vary depending on several factors, including the number of people who follow a celebrity and a secret algorithm created by Facebook, which should refer to parameters such as fame / age / fans and could range from a few cents to tens of Euro. Earlier this year, a test in the United States had granted the cost of 100 Us $ to contact a Group note, including Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook.

Facebook stated that the'Introduction of payment to send messages would have been thought to combat spam and deter stalker. In this way the celebrities and “no friends” would reach only those messages really motivated, that is driven by a real cause, but the critics are not lacking.
It seems quite clear, however, that both the ennessimo way to increase their revenue.

facebook_messaggi_pagamentoActually, does not change much compared to the current operating Facebook messages: messages from senders “unknown” (not included in your list of friends) vengonosalvati also currently under “Other”, checked infrequently by those who have a Facebook account. I imagine that many of you after reading this article will be to verify and discover this “briefcase” additional messages.. you will also find several messages that had never received: actually were parked in this folder

In this folder we can, beyond that normally respond to the message, also choose to move messages in the root folder of the Facebook messages or grant friendship to the contact: in this way his next post we will arrive in the normal messages received. as coming from people with whom we have relationships.

With the introduction of the new option of Facebook messages to payment, we will be able to overcome this limitation (thus avoiding that the person to whom we write with which we have relationships are “loss” our message in the folder “other”): with the payment of a sum quantified online by Facebook could make sure that our message is delivered directly into the “Inbox” and in order to have maximum visibility.
Therefore do not worry, think about it.. it does not happen then so’ often write to strangers, and which goes badly.. will continue to operate as now all: our message if we are not willing to pay will end up in the folder “more”.. just as it currently operates!