Free calls with Facebook Messenger: because it does not always work?

Facebook has just released an update for its messaging app Messenger that allows you to make free calls to other Facebook users are also equipped with Messenger.The operation is very simple and really good voice quality. We did several tests with both wi-fi with 3G and LTE.
Recall that the is a free call since it does not use the telephone with your operator (there is therefore counted as a call) but be careful because the transmission (and receiving) of an audio stream via the internet due to a consumption of Internet bandwidth (although quite moderate compared to a video). Remember, therefore, to do some tests to check how much data you have consumed traffic in order not to exceed the thresholds navigation!Messenger free calls

The free calls via Facebook Messenger are fairly easy to use given the tight integration with the app Messenger, but beware: Unlike other systems, Voip Calls (such as Viber, Tango or Facetime) the recipient of your call to be accessible shall have the app open in the background (signifca that must have opened the application messenger after turning on the phone, and must not removing it from applications in the background).

So if you try to call a friend but the free call with Messenger does not work.. probably does not have the app open Messenger!
Messenger in the app you still have the chance to see who is online, that certainly accessible via the voice “People” and by selecting the button at the top “Active”.

Facebook Messenger is available for both Apple and Android devices