Facebook Messenger: finally available free voice calls in Italy!

Finally came out the long-awaited update of the app messaging of the most famous social network, Facebook Messenger, making a big news for all users: Now you can make and receive voice calls for free with your friends and family.
Available in England and other European countries for some’ time, at last from a few hours is also available for Italian users: Now you can free voice call our friends Facebook.

And’ can make calls via Wi-Fi or 3G free of charge to all of our contacts who use Facebook Messenger on your smartphone, Android or iPhone/iPad with iOS exceeding the 6.1.

The person receiving the call will receive a notification on their smartphones, from where you can meet and speak out with your friend in the same way that you can do with Skype or other applications to make voice calls, with a very good audio quality.

How to make free calls with Facebook Messenger?

First, it is necessary that both people who want to make free calls have Facebook Messenger installed on your smartphone iPhone / iPad or Android

The other party must be online (Therefore, in the friends list will need to have your contact with the green dot indicating that it is online).

To initiate the call, click on (the) placed at the top right of the chat screen, as shown in Figure:


Press the "Call free ". If our friend has the application installed on your device and will be online, start the call immediately; otherwise we will be warned of the impossibility to carry out the operation as shown below.

Facebook messenger voice call


If the user instead of the other party will not be online as the button will not be available in this:


You have not downloaded Facebook Messenger? Failure either!

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